Taleeno “First Alleghenian” Urban Legend Volume One

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Reggie Davis has been writing action and adventure stories for a comic book company called Torah Knights Comics. His Uncle Spencer’s magazine company called Ruff House Publishing is a publishing company that represents business entrepreneurship, professionals, talented individuals, and entertainment. Reggie Davis also desires to retire from Torah Knights Comics and demands to take an executive seat at Torah Knights Comics and Ruff House Magazine. Spencer Ingram, is the CEO of both Publishing Companies and tries to convince his nephew Reggie Davis to write comics for another ten more years. Reggie Davis does not accept his offer, and choses to spend time with his daughter. Spencer Ingram is also a member of the notorious mafia organization called Marconix. He informs Manayunk, who is the leader of Marconix that Reggie Davis refuses to write comics and demands an executive seat. Manayunk and Spencer Ingram pretends as if there wasn’t any hard feelings. Spencer Ingram arranges a private retirement party at Ruff House Publishing Company. During the retirement party, Spencer Ingram offers Reggie Davis another five year contract and gives Reggie Davis an ultimatum if he refuses. Reggie Davis becomes furious after discovering his Uncle Spencer is a member of the notorious mafia organization called Marconix. Manayunk orders Dauphin to assassinate Reggie Davis. Dauphin throws a boomerang weapon and slits his throat. Reggie Davis dies instantly and falls forward on the ground. Manayunk fires a few rounds at the window of the Sky liner and then shatters the glass. Manayunk and Dauphin grabs the remains of Reggie Davis, then tosses him out the window. Reggie Davis remains are falling from the height of thirty stories, but suddenly Lenox rescues the body before reaching the halfway mark. He takes his remain a secluded area in Philadelphia and breathes life back into Reggie. Then under God’s authority heals his throat and gunshot wounds on Reggie Davis lower extremities. Spencer Ingram’s treacherous three sons and the members of Marconix are oblivious to fact that Reggie Davis was rescued by a Guardian Angel name Lenox. Heaven sends him a Guardian Angel name Lennox, to allow this famous comic book writer a second chance to live if he vows to become the first Alleghenian and uses his supernatural powers to defend the good from evil.




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