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The Quadrozoids are members of the Torah Knights, and they are summon to fight against the evil terrorist organization called the Barracudas. Who are also allies of Karkase, and their supreme leader is Ecstasy. Several years ago there was a major battle in the Middle East against the Torah Knights and Karkase. Before the battle begin, God paused the battle, then anointed the Torah Knights with supernatural powers, and those that received these powers were members of the Katalambano, Alleghenians, Trapazonians, and Hamshanites. While, God Supreme ruler in the Heavens above allowed demons to possess member of Karkase with the ability to use the powers of black magic to manifest at a higher magnitude. Now the battle begins with a new renaissance of combat and art of war never witnessed before. The Quadrozoids navigates around the world in a cubic ship that has the ability to camouflages through the roughest terrain, with the navigation of land, sea, and air. There are several members of the Quadrozoidz. Botak is the leader, and his crew Driftour, Coco Bluff, and Uranius as they quest to end a war on terrorism begins. There are other members of the Quadrozoidz that are also called to embark upon missions. Later introduced in the story, and now the saga begins.

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