Driftour “Warrior of Light” Volume Three

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Bernard Rogers returned home in Philadelphia, shortly after serving his time in the military. However, he became homeless on the streets, after receiving a raw deal from a relative. This raw deal will only feed into his anger, and the misfortunes that he has encountered since his arrival from the military. Thrown overboard into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and is shipwrecked inside a city that shows no love. It was not until he was involved in a tragic car accident that would initiate the metamorphic process. He became unconsciousness during the tragic car accident that interfered with his long-term memory. The father above sent an Arch Angel named Lennox, who would become his mentor and would train to control his supernatural powers. During this stage of amnesia, Sgt Bernard Rogers would endure a test. Lennox would also be a messenger from the father above that would reveal to Sgt Bernard Rogers his identity. The mission will involve traveling all around the world to rescue those in danger. This Warrior of Light new purpose in life is to protect those who have become victims of abuse, and are experiencing the same encounters of his past. However, before the Warrior of Light can accept any future missions; he must first defeat the evil spirits of the past that still tries to haunt him and defeat a generational curse. This is the test.




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