Meeting Melinda Brown is meeting pure positive energy. She’s a speaker, trainer, executive, and expert in workforce development. Her passion is empowering people and teams, her impact optimizes systems, and her legacy is breaking cycles of poverty in minds and in communities. Melinda has taken her life from growing up in a low-income South Philadelphia neighborhood to sought-after thought partner, business leader, entrepreneur, and teacher. As a talent developer, she knows how to build and lead teams through start-up, change management, revitalization and turnaround. Her professional partnership increases revenues for businesses through executive-level consultation, workshops, and events. Her current leadership pushes the opportunity movement forward by creating diversified teams and in-demand leadership across the business sector. Her results are proven in how she co-led one of the top non-profit organizations that serve young adults in the United States to expand its professional training corps from Philadelphia to launch a new site in Wilmington, DE in partnership with a local college and one of the largest financial corporations in the world. In responding to market needs, she’s piloting an innovative JAVA programming apprenticeship with national nonprofit and corporate partners for job growth. She is also appointed as an Official Member of the Forbes Nonprofit Leadership Council. Her advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion can be seen with her inaugural membership in both the DiverseForce and Fels Institute Board Governance Program at University of Pennsylvania and the Committee for the Women’s Way Economic Security Initiative. Beyond her workforce development career, she’s the Founder and CEO for MB Legacies, LLC, a platform for motivational speaking, personal/professional development training and advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion across the business sector and beyond.

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